Lumberlands: A Black Hack conversion in two PDF booklets

I’ve finished up my conversion of the OSR zine Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG /, the fun lumberjack fantasy setting, to the Black Hack ruleset.. I’ve assembled everything into two zine-sized (5.5″ x 8.5″) PDFs that can be downloaded and printed.

Remember that you’ll need a copy of both the Black Hack and the Lumberlands zine to get any use out of these.

One PDF is the Player’s Guide: It has all 4 of the Lumberlands classes converted to the Black Hack rules. I’ve also made a custom list of Prayers and Spells. It’s mostly the Black Hack spell list, but all of the names have been changed to better fit the setting. For example – Magic Missile is Hoodoo Hatchet, Meteor Swarm is Timberfall, and Create Food/Water is Summon Flapjacks.

I’ve made three versions: One with individual pages, one in spread format for screens, and one in booklet form for printing.

The second PDF is the GM’s guide. It just has all of the monster stats. It’s also in three versions.

As a convenience, here’s the custom Black Hack/Lumberlands character sheet I made in a previous post:

Design Notes

The title font is Wooden Log. The images come from the symbol font The Woodcutter.

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