Fallen Justice: A custom character sheet for the Tiny Supers RPG

I recently picked up a copy of the Fallen Justice expansion book for the Tiny Supers RPG. It’s designed to allow the GM to run low-powered vigilante superheroes inspired by the grim and gritty figures of the Iron Age of comics – Daredevil, The Punisher, Elektra, etc.

Tiny Supers, by Gallant Knight Games, is their superhero version of their Tiny D6 line of games. The Tiny D6 system has a pretty simple mechanic. Roll 2d6; If you get a 5 or 6 on any die, you succeed. You can roll 3d6 for advantage or 1d6 for disadvantage. Here’s a link to all of the Tiny D6 material I’ve posted before. It’s a fun, light little system.

The Fallen Justice book provides some new archetypes, optional rules, and details a setting called Haven City. Haven City is a corrupt, crime-ridden metropolis; basically Gotham City with the serial numbers filed off. Stats for heroes, villains, and factions are all provided.

There is an existing Tiny Supers character sheet (I made a fillable version here), but I didn’t think it set the right tone for a Fallen Justice game. I’ve made a custom fillable sheet using the same graphics and fonts as the book, and also removed a lot of the extraneous stuff that a street-level supers game doesn’t need -mostly powers. Changing the Stress number will create the appropriate number of check boxes to keep track of damage.

I’m also adding a Fallen Justice themed cheat sheet I’ll be handing out to players with the basic Tiny D6 rules.

I’ve added this to my almost absurdly long list of character sheets.

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