Oddities of the Lumberlands

I’ve started a short Black Hack campaign using the Lumberlands setting. Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG / itch.io) is a fun little system agnostic fantasy setting, that details a fantasy lumberjack version of the North American forests. As the game goes along, I’ve been adding little details of my own creation. I’ll post them as they come up.

Though I’m using the Black Hack, these are mostly system-agnostic.

Musk Acorns

These small brown nuts of the fragrant musk-oak are common throughout the Lumberlands. They are often collected, ground, and brewed into a strong, bitter tea that supposedly has great medicinal properties (this is unproven).

If at least two dozen fresh musk acorns are eaten in one sitting, it can produce a pleasant euphoric sensation. Young people and particularly bored lumber-folk sometimes indulge in this activity for fun. This carries the risk of contracting musk poisoning. Eaters of the musk acorns must make a CON roll at disadvantage to avoid this.

The symptoms of musk poisoning are as follows:

  • Clammy Skin
  • Horrific stomach cramps (All actions at Disadvantage)
  • Near-constant belching.
  • Each belch will release a horrible musk odor and the sound will perfectly replicate the cry of a completely different mammal.

Musk poisoning will last for 1d6 weeks, without intervention (magical or medical).

Notable Strong Beverages of the Lumberjacks and Lumberjills
  1. Oak-Mead
  2. Moss Grog
  3. Wolfberry Wine
  4. Acorn Ambrosia
  5. Larch Rum
  6. Branch Broth
Unique musical genres of the Lumberlands
  1. Nixieland Jazz
  2. Lumber-Skiffle
  3. Saw-band Orchestral
  4. Wendigo Bluegrass
  5. Arboreal Swing
  6. Druidic Gospel

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