Lumberlands Campaign Map

I’ve been running my weekly Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG campaign using the Black Hack system. It’s a fairly fast paced game with a lot of events happening. To make it easier for players to keep track of what’s happened and where they’ve been, I’ve made a map of the campaign area.

I took an old map of the Kennebec River (in Maine), and cleaned out most of the land features using GIMP. Next, I loaded the image into Affinity and started adding icons and labels for all of the locations and the important events that have taken place during the campaign. My intention is to update it every week with each new location.

The idea here is to keep a history of the campaign for the players to reference. I could’ve kept a campaign log in text format, but I think players would be unlikely to read the endless paragraphs of text required for that. It’d make the game feel a little too much like homework.

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