Oddities of the Lumberlands – Part III

I’m still running my weekly Lumberlands (DriveThruRPG / itch.io) campaign using the Black Hack OSR rules set. The Lumberlands book is just a 48 page zine, so there’s plenty of room to add my own details. I’ve been posting them here. (previously I, II, all Lumberlands posts)

Tattlesnakes – HD 1

Highly venomous snakes, who attract prey by making low, muffled noises that sound very much like whispered, indistinct human conversation. They often lurk in holes or dark crevices. Disreputable sorts use them as traps in pits and other dark shadowy places.

Bite – STR (1 Close) 2 pts

Poison! Pass a CON Test or take Character’s Level x 4 damage

Noted Riverboat Captains of the Muskinee

Much of the trade in the Lumberlands depend on the traffic of small river ships (Batteaux) that travel up and down the Muskinee River (see previous post).

Red Bear has its own company boats, but there are number of independent boats available for hire. Each is owned and operated by one of the many colorful riverboat captains. Here are few of the most well-known:

Laminar Flo

Captain of the Dead Low Delta. Captain Flo is widely considered the fastest river pilot in the Lumberlands. She knows an endless number of tricks to get the Dead Low Delta up or down the river in a fraction of the time other boats might take. Most of these tricks, of course, involve a certain amount of danger.

Snagboat Simpson

Captain of the Hacksaw Henry. A taciturn old river rat, who has been known to say up to two words a day. He’s considered the most reliable and safest captain on the river. He knows every dangerous spot on the Muskinee, and has no intention of getting near any of them. Ol’ Snagboat won’t get you there fast, but he’ll get you there alive.

Mike “Dunker” DuBois AKA Dubious Mike

One-eyed captain of the Sea Dragon. Without question, the cheapest captain on the mighty Muskinee. This is the captain you get if there are no other options. He’s known both for his excessive love of oak-mead and his incredibly poor memory. Captain Mike will often need to be reminded of the boat’s destination, and whether he’s traveling up or down river. He’s familiar with most of the dangers of the river, but often forgets to inform his passengers.

In addition to his other issues, Captain Mike lives in constant fear of the idea that pixies are conspiring to steal his soul. (He might not be wrong)

Hiring a River Boat

Most captains are based in Squeamish, though they can occasionally be found elsewhere on the river. Using Black Hack rules, hiring a boat will be considered Valuable – 2d8 x 5 coins for a voyage. Dubious Mike will be Cheap – 1d8 coins. Payment is usually half up front. For especially dangerous trips, raise the price to Expensive – 4d8 x 10 coins. Players can choose to haggle using standard Black Hack rules.

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