New Character Sheets for Classic Traveller

The old, boring CT Sheet

The original Classic Traveller from 1977 had a character sheet available in the original book. It was seemingly designed to look like an actual bureaucratic form, so visually, it was pretty uninteresting.

I wanted to make my own custom character sheets for Classic Traveller that are a little larger, nicer looking, and that use the same Optima/Univers fonts that the original books did.

  • You can import an image in the upper right hand corner just by clicking on it.
  • They’re each three pages long.
  • The UPP will automatically be calculated when you fill in the stats.
  • It will create wound check boxes automatically when STR/DEX/END are filled in.
  • It comes in both Imperium Red and Zhodani green versions..
  • I’ve provided both A4 and US Letter versions.

I’ve also added this post to my ever-expanding list of character sheets. I’ve also added it to my list of Cepheus/Traveller character sheets.

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