Warlords of Atlantis: Character sheets for the Barbaric! setting


There’s an interesting low fantasy RPG, based on the Cepheus Engine system, called Barbaric! from Stellagama Publishing. It’s a much lighter, quicker version of the whole 2d6/Cepheus/Traveller style of game. There isn’t any career lifepath system and the stats have been completely replaced with a common set of seven skills. It’s somewhat closer to games like Barbarians of Lemuria than to its Traveller roots. It’s an excellent choice for one-shots and small campaigns.

Here’s a more detailed review from Alegis Downport.

Warlords of Atlantis

The Barbaric! book doesn’t have a setting, so Paul Elliot has provided one with his setting book: Warlords of Atlantis from Zozer Games.

Warlords of Atlantis is set in a fantastical version of the ancient world, specifically Europe and North Africa in 10,000 BC. It very much revives the spirit of old sword-and-sandal and Ray Harryhausen style movies. There’s also a lot of the faux-history of the Robert E. Howard Hyborean Age stories, especially his King Kull works.

What you’ll find in the 55 page book:

  • The island of Atlantis, made up of various kingdoms, with maps
  • A list of Archetypes – Gladiators, Hoplites, Sorcerers, etc.
  • The cultures of 10,000 BC – Atlanteans, Greeks, Kythians, Sokarians, etc.
  • Eldritch Tomes
  • Demons that can be summoned
  • A list of gods & cults
  • A bestiary – Cyclops, Scorpionmen,Titans
  • Strange Atlantean machines
  • Suggestions for running the game as a Lost World pulp romance.

You can pick up both Barbaric! and Warlords of Atlantis for a few bucks each. Like a lot of Cepheus Engine books, they’re not particularly fancy – simple page design, with a little bit of B&W art, but they’re very usable. You could get a campaign running very quickly with these. I’m a sucker for this kind of low fantasy historical setting, so I’d highly recommend them both.

Character Sheets

I’ve made my own custom 2-page character sheet for Warlords of Atlantis. It’s fillable, creates Endurance/Lifeblood boxes automatically, and will allow you to import an image.

I’ve made both US Letter and A4 versions. I’ve added it to my list of custom Cepheus Engine sheets, and to my longer list of all my character sheets.

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