The Slayers: Preview of my Cepheus Journal article

I’m finishing up my submission to the Cepheus Journal, the free Cepheus Engine fanzine. The upcoming issue is centered around the theme of aliens. I decided to make some fantasy aliens inspired by the bad guys in the 1983 movie Krull (Wikipedia YouTube Trailer) . I’ve previously posted about the research I did for this, and now I thought I’d post a quick preview.

Here are the Slayers, the villainous minions of the dreaded Beast. I’ve provided stats for both Sword of Cepheus and Barbaric!

The Slayers

The Slayers are the feared soldiers that make up the bulk of the Beast’s forces. They appear as humanoid figures in their chitinous black armor, though their true form is quite different. They are relentless fighters who will always attack unless hopelessly outnumbered. Slayers are absolutely loyal to the Beast. They can communicate with each other, but have no known language. Any form of magical communication will fail, as their minds are too alien for humanoids to comprehend.

The armor they wear is closer to a spacesuit than ordinary armor. It provides all of their biological needs, including air. In their armor, Slayers can travel underwater and are immune to any gas attacks.

When their humanoid form is slain, Slayers emit a high-pitched inhuman cry, and the true larva-like form of the slayer emerges from the armor. It will burrow into the earth for safety, or scuttle into the nearest crack or crevice. In their larval form, Slayers are quite vulnerable, and will usually hide until the other Slayers can retrieve them. If not returned to the Dark Fortress within a day, the larva will die.

The Slayer’s primary weapon is the alien Necroblade. A necroblade can fire one bolt of necronic energy from the hilt, and thereafter can only be used as a long sword. The necroblades can only be recharged within the the Dark Fortress itself.

When the Dark Fortress arrives in a new location, the slayers ride forth on black alien destriers to pillage the surrounding land, and destroy any opposition. 

Slayer – Humanoid Form (Sword of Cepheus)

100kg Humanoid, B9A770 
#App: 2D
Treasure: None
Archery-2, Athletics-0, Melee Combat-2, Recon-1, Riding-1, Stealth-1, Survival-0, Tactics-0
Attacks on sight, or when ordered to.
Necroblade (5D/3D); armor 5; walks 10m/action
Chaotic; Morale DM+2

Slayer – Larval Form (Sword of Cepheus)

10kg Beast, 555770
#App: 1
Treasure: None
Athletics-2, Stealth-2
Flees and hides. Will only attack in self-defense.
Bite (1D); armor 1; scuttles 20m/action, burrows 5m /action
Chaotic; Morale DM-4

Slayer – Humanoid Form (Barbaric!)

10/20 Move 10m/round, Armor 5, Necroblade (melee 3D damage; slashing, bolt 5D; piercing) Physical 2, Combat 2, Stealth 1.

Slayer – Larval Form (Barbaric!)

5/10 Move 20m/round, Armor 1, Bite (1D damage; piercing) Physical 0, Combat 0, Stealth 2


Wgt: 5kg
Range: 30/60
RoF: 1
Damage: 5D bolt / 3D blade
Aspects: AV 1D (bolt only), Bulky, Two Handed
Can only wielded by Slayers. Can fire one bolt of energy.

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