Clone Farm: Mini-review, character sheet, and a player map

I just ran a quick one-shot of Clone Farm, a 30 page RPG from Goblinoid Games specifically designed to be run in a single game session. It includes a simplified version of the same rule system that old Pacesetter games like Chill and Timemaster used.

The players play clones who wake up in a mysterious facility, with no knowledge of the outside world, or why they are there. They are cared for and kept in line by strange chrome-faced androids. The player’s goal is to find out what’s going on.

Stuff I liked:

  • The premise is fun, and throws the players into the scenario right away.
  • The basic system is quite simple: 40% chance to succeed on a percentile roll. 20% chance if there’s any difficulty.
  • Since all the clones start out identical to one another, and have no skills, there’s no character creation needed. Just let each player pick a clone ID number and start playing.
  • If a character dies, they can get a new clone the next day.

A few quibbles:

  • Organization could be better. All of the rules are listed one after the other in a GM’s section, and it can be tricky to find what you’re looking for.
  • It was never strictly specified that the players would be rolling percentile dice. I was able to figure it out from context, but it would have been nice if that had been made explicit.
  • There are some extraneous rules that are unlikely to come up in the scenario, such as vehicle chase rules. There’s also a section on experience points and character advancement, both unlikely in a one-shot.

Overall, I enjoyed running this, and I’d recommend it. One note – without spoiling the plot, the scenario can be a little grim, and some players might not care for it (bad things happen to clones).

Character Sheet & Player Map

No character sheets were provided, so I’ve made a simple character sheet for Clone Farm in A5, and a double version on an A4 sheet.

It only lists the development level (Alpha\Beta\Gamma\Delta) and the serial # for the player clones. The clones don’t have names, so I didn’t include a name field. There are check boxes to keep track of injuries. I’ve added this to my inconveniently long list of character sheets.

To save the GM some time, I’ve also made a player map of the areas of the facility that the clones would be familiar with, in the same A4\A5 formats.

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