Omega 99: New Weapons for Moonbase Omega

I’ve been flipping through the Space: 1999 Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual I bought directly from the Gerry Anderson online store. It’s been inspiring me to start creating some more material for Omega 99, Michael Brown’s adaptation of the Space: 1999 setting to the Cepheus Engine. You can also see all the other Omega 99 material I’ve made so far.

Here’s a few a new weapons to help defend Moonbase Omega, with downloadable PDF handouts for each:

Laser Rifle

The Laser Rifle is a larger, more powerful version of the standard Stun Gun.It has better range and more ammunition.
Like the smaller version, it can be set to either Stun or Kill modes.

Laser rifles are usually assigned by Security division, Off-world teams are usually issued one when traveling to unknown worlds. Most Peregrine spacecraft have at least one Laser Rifle in their ship’s locker.

The Laser Rifle is powered by a large battery cell that can be recharged at Moonbase Omega’s main power supply.
Peregrines do not put out enough power to recharge a Laser Rifle.

ROF: 1
Range: Rifle
Recoil: No
Rounds: 50
Stun Mode: 3D6 Stun – Target must make END check with a negative DM equal to the damage (after armor is subtracted). If failed, target is unconscious.
Kill Mode: 4d6 Normal Damage

APL Rifle

The Armour-Piercing Laser rifle (APL ) is a heavy weapon that fires extremely high powered laser beams designed to punch through armour.

They are specifically designed for use against hostile spacecraft by personnel on the Moon’s surface.

As the power beam can punch a hole through bulkheads, the APL is not sanctioned to to be used within Omega Moonbase itself.

Supplies of the APL are limited, and they can only be assigned to specific teams with specific authority from Command division. They are rarely given to off-world teams.

The weapons are powered by a HI-83 nuclear power cell, which can power the weapon for 10 rounds. The cell must be returned to a nuclear waste facility after use.

ROF: 1
Range: Rifle
Recoil: No
Rounds: 10
Damage: 6D Normal Damage
Anti-Vehicular: 2D

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