Dancers in the Dreaming City: A character sheet for an Elric-inspired one page RPG

Later this week, I’ll be running a one-shot of Dancers in the Dreaming City, a one-page weird fantasy RPG from Micah Anderson.

Cover of Dancers in the Dreaming City RPG

It’s designed to replicate the Elric tales of Michael Moorcock. The rules are based on the game Whats So Cool About outer Space by Jared Sinclair.

The system is simple. Each player has a Target Number that they assign to either Law or Chaos (not both).

Whenever the player takes an action, the GM decides whether the action is Lawful or Chaotic. The player rolls 2d6. If the action is Lawful, the player needs to roll under the Target Number. If Chaotic, above the Target Number.

To prepare for the game, I’ve designed my own custom character sheet. The original game uses a lot of the public-domain works of the 19th century artist Aubrey Beardsley. I’ve done the same for the character sheet. It’s fillable, and you can import an image.

The area for the image is circular, so it’s best if you use a circular image, preferably a PNG file.

You can download it here, or you can go to the page I’ve set up. The page will also include a small collection of portrait images, all taken from the works of Aubrey Beardsley. link to character sheet and portraits

I’ve added this post to my tediously long list of custom character sheets.

Dancers in the Dreaming City character sheet
gallery of portrait images
Portrait images available at the itch page.

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