The Doom That Came to Chapman Farm – Converting a OSR adventure to Traveller

There’s an OSR adventure called The Doom That Came to Chapman Farm. It’s by Mark Hess and it’s specifically designed for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG. The setting is Colonial Maryland in the late 1600s. It looks like a simple, fun little horror adventure. I’m planning to run it for one of my online one-shot games.

Reading it has got me thinking about the free Traveller setting by Greg Caires – Traveller: 1700. It’s a Traveller supplement used to run adventures in Colonial North America. It seems like a natural fit. I think the grittier Traveller rules might be a bit better fit for the colonial setting.

So I’ve converted all of the monsters and NPCs from the adventure into Classic Traveller stats. CT, of course, doesn’t really have spells, so I’ve made a list of most of the ones that actually appear in the adventure, along with their effect in Traveller terms (most adapted from Sword of Cepheus). I’m presenting all of this here in PDF form, for anyone who finds them useful.

It’s all a bit rough, but should be playable. You will of course, need to have the original adventure (available on DriveThruRPG) to use these. Some of the opponents might be a bit on the deadlier side, so GMs might want to modify them a bit for their players. It also includes check boxes to keep track of injuries.

I have two versions. The first is the ordinary US letter sized version. The second is a foldable zine size that uses the same fonts as the adventure, so you could just tuck it inside the adventure booklet.

Related – here’s my old character sheet for Traveller: 1700

This adventure is technically part of a larger setting – Colony of Death, a horror/fantasy version of 1600s Maryland. When I’m feeling a little more ambitious, I may start converting that as well.

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