Barbaric! a custom character sheet for a sword & sorcery RPG

I recently posted a character sheet for Warlords of Atlantis, the setting for the Barbaric! RPG from Stellagama Publishing. As I mentioned in that post, Barbaric! uses the Quantum Engine system, which is a modified version of the Cepheus Engine/Traveller sci-fi ruleset. It’s designed to run adventures in a Conan-style Sword & Sorcery world. It uses the same 2d6+Skill rolls as Cepheus, but the differences from Cepheus are as follows:

Barbaric! RPG Cover
  • There are no stats – Barbaric! only has 7 skills – Combat, Craft, Physical, Sorcery, Stealth, Social, Lore
  • No complex character creation. You just spend 5 points among the skills.
  • It uses randomly generated Lifeblood and Endurance stats for keeping track of damage.
  • A list of fantasy-themed traits, along with combat maneuvers.

The game isn’t complex and is pretty simple to run. It’s also somewhat compatible with any other Cepheus/Traveller/2d6 material. I discuss the Quantum Engine system a bit in this overview of other Cepheus Engine games.

Character Sheet

I’ve taken the original Warlords of Atlantis-themed sheet I designed, and made a version for generic Barbaric! It’s fillable, and an image can be imported by clicking on the blank area in the middle of the skills. I’ve provided both A4 and letter sized versions. I’ve added this to my ever-lengthening list of character sheets, and my somewhat shorter list of Cepheus character sheets.

Design Notes

The font for the title is Barbarian. The page font is CrushYourEnemies. They’re both available for free download.

The ouroboros (the snake eating its tail) is from The runes at the top and bottom of the page are actually Sumerian cuneiform taken from the book A History of Sumer and Akkad by L. W. King (available at Project Gutenberg)

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