Character sheet for Planck, a business card RPG

Last year I joined a itch game jam called the Pleasure-Not-Business Card Game Jam, where participants created a RPG game or supplement that would fit on a business card.

For my entry I created a little sci-fi game called Planck. It’s essentially a Cepheus Engine\Quantum Engine system stripped down to its bare essentials. It’s designed to be a portable little RPG you can put in your wallet.

The reason I’m bringing it up again is that I’ve made a small update. I’ve designed a business card sized character sheet. It’s all free to download at the itch page.

I’ve added it to my ever-growing, somewhat unwieldy list of character sheets.

One thought on “Character sheet for Planck, a business card RPG

  1. Very cool! There is something very appealing about minimalist rules.

    I’ve been doing map tiles from Dyson on the backs of my business cards for years now (

    I’ve been considering other subjects for my cards, like a micro RPG on the back. I visited the link to the campaign to look over the entries. Unfortunately for my idea, those generally require (sensibly enough) both sides of the business card.

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