Sword of Cepheus: Updated Character sheet

At the request of someone in the Stellagama Publishing Discord, I’ve made an updated version of my fillable Sword of Cepheus character sheet. (older version here)

Sword of Cepheus is Stellagama Publishing’s adaptation of the Cepheus Engine (open source Traveller) designed to run fantasy games.

Sword of Cepheus cover

The big changes are as follows:

  • There are now 18 spaces for skills
  • I’ve added a Dodge/Parry entry
  • The wound boxes for STR/DEX/END will now auto generate

There are still 3 pages for character information. The stats, skills, and combat stuff is all on the first page for quick reference. The fourth page is designed to be a folding table tent, useful for convention play. It’ll automatically fill in all of the information from the other sheets.

I’ve added this sheet to my master list of character sheets, and my list of Cepheus-specific sheets.

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