Desert Moon of Karth: A custom character sheet for a Mothership setting

I just ran a one shot of Mothership (DriveThru Itch), the sci-fi horror game.

For the game I used Desert Moon of Karth (DriveThru Itch), the Mothership setting by Joel Hines.

It’s a lovely little setting. Karth is a barren little moon, only accessible by orbital elevator. The metaplot revolves around a gold rush of prospectors trying to recover the remains of alien creatures that can be used as anti-aging drugs. It’s full of factions, secrets, adventure hooks, and all kinds of strange creatures.

It’s very well presented, with lots of goodies for the GM: Separate map files for both the players and the GM, images of locations to show the players, and a MP3 playlist for atmosphere.

Another thing it includes is a custom character sheet, specifically for this setting. Sadly, it was not fillable, so I’ve made my own fillable version. I’ve also added the ability to import a character image.

My old fillable version of the official Mothership sheet is still available here. I’ve added this to my ever-growing, rickety list of character sheets.

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