Every RPG I played or ran in 2022

I run a local RPG meetup group. Every Thursday we run a one-shot RPG game. Very often, it’s a game none of us have ever played before. The idea being that we can try all sorts of different RPGs, experience different styles and genres, and I no longer feel like I’ve wasted money buying all these games.

Since 2020, they’ve mostly all been virtual games over Discord. I’m hoping to start up some face-to-face games this year. I GM most of these, but we’ve had several guest GMs. So if you’re a NYC Metro area GM, and want to run something, feel free to reach out.

Here’s last years list.

For my own reference, I’m listing all of the one-shot games we ran in rough chronological order. I’ll also link to any blog posts I made for these games:

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