Khonshu Alpha – a sci-fi megadunegon project.

Over on Mastodon, I found out about the #Dungeon23 project. It’s an idea invented by Sean McCoy. Here’s his original post on the idea.

Basically, each day in 2023, you create a new room or location in a megadungeon. At the end of the year, you’ll have a playable setting for role-playing.

There’s been a lot of discussion over on Mastodon (and most other social media sites) about this, and I thought I’d give it a try myself.

I don’t have a lot of interest in a traditional fantasy megadungeon, so I thought I’d set mine aboard a gigantic post-apocalyptic derelict spacecraft (basically Metamorphosis Alpha). I’m calling it Konshu Alpha (probably)

I don’t want to fill up this blog with daily posts about this, so I’ve set up another site over at the microblogging service.

Khonshu Alpha

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