Khonshu Alpha – Monthly Update on my Dungeon23 project

I’ve been enjoying working on Khonshu Alpha, my version of the Dungeon23 project.

Dungeon23 is a project where designers make a megadungeon over the course of a year, creating one new location each day. Here’s my original post on the subject. My project is called Khonshu Alpha, a post-apocalypse sci-fi dungeon set aboard a generational starship. It’s basically an updated Metamorphosis Alpha. I’m using the Cepheus Engine rules for this project.

I decided not to post regularly on it here, but instead set up a separate blog for that purpose. I used for that blog, which is a Fediverse app, so you can follow it on other Fediverse apps like Mastodon.

However, I did want to share my progress for the first month.

First, I have four weekly posts detailing sections of the first level:

Week 1 – Maglev Station

The first section contains some possibly friendly knowledge cultists.

Week 2 – Luggage Handling

An automatic luggage handling section with possibly dangerous luggage droids.

Week 3 – MET Transport Hub

Fanatical head-lopping cyborgs.

Week 4 – My God, It’s Full of Stars

Discovery, a spaceship ride, and explosive decompression.

A few other posts

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