Fillable playbook sheets for One Shot World

Just finished up a one shot of One Shot World, by Yochai Gal. It’s a simplified, stripped-down version of Dungeon World, the popular Powered by the Apocalypse fantasy game. It’s designed to run one shots and short campaigns. It’s available to download for free at both and DriveThruRPG

I always found Dungeon World a little too complex for my purposes, so it’s nice to have a lighter option.

I ran the adventure Snail Fancy, from Feral Indie. It’s a fun little heist adventure in which the players have to raid the headquarters of a society of snail fancier’s. It’s a colorful little setting. Highly Recommended.

One Shot World comes with playbooks for each class that can be printed and folded into little booklets. I was running an online game, so I needed to create fillable versions of each of the sheets. You can also import an image into the portrait box just by clicking on it.

I’m posting them here for anyone who might find them useful. I’ve added them to my ever-growing, poorly organized list of character sheets.

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