Black Sword Hack – Custom Character sheets for a Moorcock-style OSR game

Recently I backed a Kickstarter for the second edition of the Black Sword Hack (BSW). BSW is an OSR RPG using the same roll-low rules as the Black Hack. Still waiting on the print version, but I got the PDFs a while back, and ran a one-shot. I’ll do a full review at some point, but for now I’ll just recommend the game wholeheartedly, and share some custom sheets I’ve made.

BSW is heavily inspired by Michael Moorcock’s fantasy work, mostly his Eternal Champions novels (Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon, etc.). To do this, it includes all sorts of rules for demonic pacts, spirit alliances, weird science, and sorcery. It also adds a Doom Die, a usage die representing the forces of Law and Chaos intervening in character’s fate.

To try it out, I converted a old Chaosium Stormbringer adventure – The Fountain and the Fang, which can be found in Perils of the Young Kingdom, and ran it as a one-shot.

BSW does include character sheets, but I wanted something a little larger, and fillable, so I’ve made my own custom version. You can also import a character image into the upper right hand corner.

I’ve also made separate sheets for Sorcery, Demonic Pacts, Faerie Ties, Twisted Science, and Spirit Alliances, each with enough room to describe all of the various powers a character might have.

I’ve made A4 and US Letter version of both. These have also been added to my rapidly expanding, multiversal list of character sheets.

Sheet Images

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