White Lies: Fillable Character Sheets for the OSR Espionage RPG

Just ran a one-shot of White Lies - the OD&D-based espionage RPG. Currently still free on DriveThru. The rules are pretty light - D20 for attack & saves. 1d6+stat modifiers for everything else. The best part of the book is the random generation tables for enemy organizations, villains, missions, and mission names. Even if you're … Continue reading White Lies: Fillable Character Sheets for the OSR Espionage RPG

Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

I recently ran a quick session of Troika!, the fantasy RPG from the Melsonian Arts Council. It's a simple system based on the old Fighting Fantasy System.The whole thing has a wonderful, weird, psychedelic acid-fantasy vibe. Definitely worth checking out There's a nice review of the system here: http://www.jasonpym.com/stuff/2019/03/14/a-review-of-the-troika-rpg/ To prepare for the session, I … Continue reading Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

Starships & Spacemen – Character Creation Cheat Sheet

To make it a little easier when doing character creation in Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen 2nd Edition, I've made a 4-page cheat sheet of all of the important information each player will need when creating a 1st level character (ability tables, races, classes, etc.). You can print out a copy for each player, and … Continue reading Starships & Spacemen – Character Creation Cheat Sheet

Mothership Character Sheets

I've made a modifed version of the Mothership character sheet. It's now form fillable. This'll make easier to make pregens or just neater versions of new characters. You'll need a PDF reader that let's you use form fields (Adobe Reader, FoxIt Reader, etc.) Mothership - Fillable Character Sheet