Omega 99 – Master List of Posts

Omega 99 is Michael Brown’s one page setting for Traveller/Cepheus engine. It’s a setting based on the old Space 1999 TV series that ran for two seasons from 1975-1977

In the TV show, an explosion knocks the Moon along with the inhabitants of a moon base called Alpha into deep space. The Moon travels uncontrollably through deep space, visiting various solar systems, while the Alphans try to survive and find a way back home.

The Omega 99 setting changes the plot slightly (the moon doesn’t move, it is transported to an alien sector), but keeps all of the flavor.

I found it pretty inspiring, so I starting creating some of my own materials for it. This is a list of all of the posts I made for Omega 99.

First, I made a PDF character sheet. It’s fillable, and also has a table tent.space1999_bergman

Omega 99 – 2021 Revised Character Sheet

I made a Cepheus Deluxe version as well

spb2256The best part of the show was the Eagle spacecraft models the show used. Omega 99’s version of that is called the Peregrine. The original game doesn’t have any stats for the ship so I made my own version with a PDF:

Omega 99 – Peregrine Transport Spacecraft – Traveller/Cepheus Engine

3eef89ed0c2e70dd981cd2c17a84018709f4775eOne episode of the show featured a military version of the Eagle called the Hawk. Here’s my own version which I named the Raptor:

Omega 99 – Raptor Attack Craft

space_1999_stun_gun_mk_ii_by_cosedimarco_d5r83gy-fullviewHere’s a post that has PDF handouts of the laser weapons and communication devices that were available on the moonbase: Omega 99 – More Player Handouts – Stun Guns & Commlocks

For my first Omega 99 game, I made some pre-generated PCs based on the original TV show characters:  Omega 99 – Pregenerated Characters

Here’s a one shot scenario I made: The Artifact – a scenario for Omega 99

I’ve also thrown together some thoughts on the Omega 99 setting itself, and how I might run it as a campaign.

Here’s the Artemis – the Omega Moonbase’s only jump-capable spacecraft.


Some new Omegan weapons: The Laser Rifle and the APL Rifle

Appendix N

Here are all of the original episodes of Space 1999 that can be used for inspiration

Season 1:

Season 2:

Here’s a fansite that goes into the show and its world in exhausting detail:

The Catacombs – Space 1999 fansite