RPG Character Sheets – Master List

I’ve made character sheets for a few different systems across several blog posts. Some are fillable versions of existing sheets – a few are completely my own design. I’m putting a master list here.

Tiny Living Dead: Fillable Character Sheet

Terra Incognita: Fillable Character Sheet

The Black Hack: Custom Template for Classes

Cepheus Atom: Fillable Character Sheet for new post-apocalyptic RPG

Starships & Spacemen: Fillable Character Sheets

Star Frontiers: Fillable Character Sheets with Table Tents

Psi World: New Fillable Character Sheets for a dead RPG.

Barbarians of the Ruined Earth: Revised character sheets

Scarlet Heroes – D&D for one player – Fillable Character Sheets

In the Light of a Setting Sun – Fillable Version of the Character sheet

Nexus: The Infinite City – Character Sheet for yet another dead RPG

Gary Gygax’s Cyborg Commando – Fillable Character Sheet for a dead RPG

Lords of Mars – Character Sheets – Letter Sized

Fate of Cthulhu – Character & Timeline Sheets

Noir Hack – Character Sheets for a film noir version of the Black Hack

Midnight Boulevard – Film Noir with Traveller Rules – Character Sheet

The Mechanoid Invasion – Character Sheets for yet another dead RPG

Valley of the Pharoahs – Character Sheet for yet another dead RPG

Lords of Creation – Character Sheets for a long-dead RPG

Kosmos 68: Soviet Sci-Fi – Character Sheet for Traveller (Beta Version)

Sword of Cepheus – Character Sheet & Table Tent (Final Version)

Tiny Dungeon: Fillable Character Sheets

Sword of Cepheus: Character Sheet & Table Tent (beta version)

Omega 99 (Traveller/Cepheus Engine): Character Sheet & Table Tent

Hostile (Traveller/Cepheus Engine) – Character Sheet

Planet Amethyst – A setting and adventure for Cavaliers & Coilguns

For Faerie, Queen, & Country – Character Sheets

Gangbusters B/X Fillable Character Sheet

Cthulhu Hack Fillable Chracter Sheet

Hawkmoon Character Sheet

Lords of Mars – Character Sheets

Hobomancer – Character Sheets & Pregens

Gamma World 1st edition – Fillable Character Sheets & Artifact sheet

Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

Freebooters Character Sheets

Atomic Robo – Fillable FATE Character Sheets

White Box – OSR Fillable Character Sheets

Tiny Supers – Fillable Character Sheet & Cheat Sheet

Danger International – Character Sheets

Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes Character Sheets

Judge Dredd – Traveller Character Sheets

Barbarians of Lemuria – Fillable Character Sheet

Starships & Spacemen – Fillable Character Sheets

Mothership Character Sheets

Romance of the Perilous Land – The Old Man of the Woods (and Character Sheets)

Phoenix Command – Complicated Gun Nonsense – 1980’s style

Here’s some I’ve put on other blogs

Apes Victorious Character Sheets

Justice Inc. Character Sheet

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts – Fillable Character Sheet