The Lithospheric League РTrading with the OSR Underdark 

The Lithospheric League is a loose confederation of cities and merchant guilds from across the known world who engage in trade with the beings and civilizations in the Undergloom - the vast network of tunnels & caverns that honeycomb the world. It's loosely based on the real world Hanseatic League of the Middle Ages. The … Continue reading The Lithospheric League – Trading with the OSR Underdark¬†

Deep Frontier – Kennedy-Era Dungeon Crawl

I've been working on a pulpy adventure campaign setting set in an underground/Hollow Earth world set in the 1960's . It's essentially a Kennedy-era dungeon crawl. I'll most likely use Savage Worlds as a system, or possibly Hollow Earth Expedition. Inspirations & Influences Three influences - two real, one fictional Project Mohole - A scientific … Continue reading Deep Frontier – Kennedy-Era Dungeon Crawl