Fate of Cthulhu – Character & Timeline Sheets

For an upcoming Fate of Cthulhu one-shot, I've made modified versions of two of the available sheets Here's a fillable letter-sized version of the character sheet. There's a little more room for stunts and a notes section. FateOfCthulhu_CharSheet_LetterFillable (PDF) I've also made a fillable version of the Timeline sheet: Fate of Cthulhu_TimeLine (PDF)

Jacques, Carl, & John: Atomic Robo – Pregenerated Characters

I  recently ran Atomic Robo, the pulpy FATE super-science game from Evil Hat last week. Here are the pregenerated characters I ended up using: AtomicRobo_Pregens It includes Carl Sagan (directly from the book), John C. Lily, Jacques Cousteau, and an intelligent dolphin. They were all created with the Atomic Robo fillable character sheet from a … Continue reading Jacques, Carl, & John: Atomic Robo – Pregenerated Characters