Dr Who Cybermen – Paper Miniatures

Over on Cardboard Warriors, the forum for creators of paper miniatures, the artist Scarecrow made a bunch of paper miniatures of the Cybermen, the iconic Doctor Who villains. He made a sheet of A-Frame minis for each version of the Cybermen.  Here's the original thread he posted them in: https://cardboard-warriors.proboards.com/thread/1227/doctor-who I've made my modified version … Continue reading Dr Who Cybermen – Paper Miniatures

Omega 99 – Revised Character Sheet

This is an update to a previous post, where I posted a character sheet for Omega 99, the Cepheus/Traveller setting based on Space 1999. I've noticed a small error in the calculations, when it's creating the UPP that appears on the character sheet and the table tent. Here is the revised version: Omega99_CharSheet_TableTent_Revised  

Omega 99 – Peregrine Transport Spacecraft – Traveller/Cepheus Engine

I'm continuing to play around with the Traveller/Cepheus Engine setting Omega 99. This is the one-sheet setting Michael Brown put out that is clearly inspired by the old 70s' TV show Space 1999. I made a character sheet for Omega 99 in a previous post. I've designed, as accurately as I could, the Peregrine transports … Continue reading Omega 99 – Peregrine Transport Spacecraft – Traveller/Cepheus Engine